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Golisano Hall addresses the college’s need for collaborative working environments that foster strong faculty-study relationships.

Hartwick College selected Stantec to program and design a new, state-of-the-art academic building to house its business administration and social sciences programs.  The design of Golisano Hall incorporates innovative green building practices, features, and technologies, and serves as an environmental teaching tool for the college.

The three-story building is home to the college’s Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies Departments, as well as Career Services and the Center for Interdependence.  Innovative, flexible learning spaces include classrooms, a lecture hall, breakout rooms, conference rooms, and study lounges, while faculty offices and a reception area round out the program.  The building site was selected to minimize the heat island effect and aimed for no net increase in runoff. Building systems promote energy efficiency, and the building and its landscaping also add substantially more campus green space.

  • Firm: Stantec Architecture
  • Client: Hartwick College
  • Project Status: Complete
  • Completed: 2010